Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello Kevin, Thanks for your email. As I told one of your class mates that I always enjoy email from my fans. You asked me: Why you did start writing your life story?
I started to write it because I wanted to learn about typing. Before ten years ago I did not know to type, spell, the only words I know were words like "it" "is" "and" I had a lot of learning to do. East Side Dreams came out of that learning as well as all my other books. What motivated you to stop doing bad things like smoking? I have to say two things, all the things I learned from Mr. Gormen (in East Side Dreams) and when I had my first son. I did not want my children to have a hard life like for an example, me being in jail. I could not tell them to be good if they see me doing bad. So I wanted to be an example to my children.
Keep reading and studying. Remember, studying will pay you back 1000 times in life.
Your Friend, Art

Hey Sergyei, thank you for your email. It is always nice to hear from my fans. It makes me feel good inside. Your questions: Do you regret not putting an effort to have a good relationship with your father? Not really, as you seen in reading East Side Dreams that we went to see my father as young adults in LA. I really did not want to but I went because my brothers and sister wanted to go. My father was too hard with us when we were kids. Some people never speak to their fathers again after a childhood like mine. Your next question: From your point of view which experience that you had was the worst and which one was the most adventurous you had? The worst in East Side Dreams or my life? In East Side Dreams would be of course being part of the big fight. Because I know I hurt those mothers of the guys who died. And the worst in my life? In my other book, Those Oldies but Goodies when I had an unfaithful wife. The best in my life East Side Dreams is I think having a family I loved and having Mr. Gormen preach to me so much. And finding my wife Flora.
Keep reading, it is good for you!
Art Rodriguez