Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Author of Four Award Winning Books for Young Adults

Award Winning Books For Young Adults!
EAST SIDE DREAMS ISBN 0-9671555-0-9 Pages 266 by Art Rodriguez
This title was awarded and honored as one of 200 “Best Teenage Books” in the United States by The New York Public Library System. It also won first place at the Latino Literary Hall of Fame at Book Expo for “Best First Book & Best Cover Illustration.”

As you read, you will experience with Art Rodriguez the difficult time he had growing up, part of which was dealing with his father. This book will make your emotions run high. You will laugh, cry, and laugh again. It is an inspirational book, relating life’s experiences from the age of a delinquent teenager to his maturity as a successful businessman. Your students will say it was the best book they have ever read!

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THOSE OLDIES BUT GOODIES ISBN 0-9671555-4 -1 Pages 255 by Art Rodriguez

If you loved East Side Dreams and Forgotten Memories, you will adore this book!

Awarded 2006 First Place N-F Young Adult at the Latino Literary Hall of Fame
Awarded -- Semi-Finalist - Multicultural N-F Juv-Teen-YA

Follow this young adult when he is released from the California Youth Authority. Read and see as he marries young and only finds heartache. Go with him as he becomes a businessman and at the same time toys with organized crime. Does he find the woman of his dreams? Did this young man survive his ordeal with the difficulties of life? If you go through related events in your life, can you endure and survive?

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FORGOTTEN MEMORIES REVISED ISBN 978-0-9671555-7-9 Pages 166 Art Rodriguez

When Art Rodriguez wrote this book, he wanted to help young people to appreciate that when difficult problems arise in their families, life goes on. It is not the end of the world as most of us feel when we are young and going through negative experiences. His mother had told him he could not write part of the true story as long as she was alive. Sad to say, she passed away four years ago. Mr. Rodriguez said he knows in his heart that this revised edition will benefit adolescents because he went through these same difficulties that many youth experience. It hurt him very much, and he does not wish this same hurt upon anyone. Art says, “Love from others and their own love for people will help them get through the rough times in life, and it will heal their heart. What they put into their life, they will get out of life. They need to work hard at home, at school, and in whatever they do!”

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THE MONKEY BOX: ISBN 0-9671555-1-7 Pages 248 Art Rodriguez

Latino Literary Hall of Fame announces 2002 Book Award Winners: Best Biography 2nd Place: The Monkey Box, Art Rodriguez, Dream House Press

In the 1800s Art’s great, great grandfather was not only a duke in Spain, but also a priest. He had an affair with a young woman which became public knowledge when the young lady died at childbirth. The church was taking steps to excommunicate the priest and the family was humiliated. They offered an inheritance as well as the family lineage documents if he left the country with his daughter Lydia. As time went by in Mexico, the documents were stored in an airtight box that was carved with beautiful monkeys. What happened to the documents and the love story that followed 16-year-old Lydia? How did the family end up in the United States? This journey will reveal Art Rodriguez’s family story.


East Side Dreams--Is full of energy and the struggles that the author himself endured while growing up on the east side of San Jose, California in 1966. I enjoyed reading this inspirational novel derived from the memories of a teenager who is now a mature and successful businessman. As I read the troubling times of Art Rodriguez I couldn't relate to many of his predicaments, but I certainly felt compassion toward him and thanked God for my "normal" life. Mr. Rodriguez touches your heart as you read his passionate book of self-taught lessons. As you read EAST SIDE DREAMS, which captures the hopelessness of growing up with an unpleasant childhood, keep in mind that this life drove the author to his true passion--writing! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I encourage young readers to read it, as there are plenty to learn from this book. It will bring tears to your eyes. Jennifer LB Lesse Book Reviews, htp://www.geocities.com/ladyjiraff/aswbr.html

Those Oldies but Goodies-- The author relates deeply moving stories about his childhood and growing up with his harsh father. His tales of love are romantic and touching, and his self-sacrificing growth into parenthood is revealing. He inspires young adults, showing that even through the most difficult circumstance - prison, alcohol, divorce -they can pull themselves through and live on. His stories are from the heart, so they are easy to relate to. His life may have been full of rough spots, but in the end, he finds that there is sweetness left, even for those who make mistakes. -- http://www.forewordreviews.com/

Forgotten Memories-- Art endured an abusive father and parents' unhappy marriage. Rodriguez coped as best he could, but his drinking and drug use, fighting, and being in the wrong places at the wrong times led to his incarceration. The writing here is unpolished but sincere in tone, and reminiscent and descriptive and vivid and true to life. Neither didactic nor preachy, his memoir explains how he grew to understand his father and other relatives whom he loved despite their flows. His message for young readers is clear. It is possible to survive and over come injustices and hardships.
Rodriguez maintains a web site at http://www.eastsidedreams.com/ and invites readers to visit, view his picture album, and perhaps send him an e-message. He will answer! --Voice of Youth Adocates Magazine. Pre-Revision October 2002 VOYA 309

The Monkey Box--It is the early 1800's. As the result of illicit affair a young Spanish priest finds himself a single father after the mother dies at childbirth. As a young woman, Lydia falls in love with Ranch-hand Francisco Rodriguez and runs away to marry him spite her guardians strong disapproval. With great fortitude and resourcefulness the young couple manage to out maneuver her guardian and stay together to start the Rodriguez family. This story is the true beginnings of author Art Rodriguez Family -- LatinaStyle-A National Magazine for The Contemporary Hispanic Woman.