Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello, I wanted to share what I am doing with my book. Some of you know that I am updating it, or revising it with a new publication date and a new ISBN number to make it as a new book again. I am adding a Preface in it with the story about how I did not know how to write and how I started writing East Side Dreams. The same story I give when I give talks. A lot of people who read East Side Dreams never get to hear that story so now they will be able to read it. Also I am adding four pages of pictures. The pictures will come out clearer than what I have here but this is what they are going to be. They are an attachment on this email. (they are no longer on this email) I hope you enjoy them. I think with these pictures it will help people visualize East Side Dreams better.
Also I am done writing the screenplay for East Side Dreams. Really, because the book is so long and a movie cannot be long at all, only 120 pages with not too much writing on them, they say a minute per page, so 120 pages comes out to a two hour movie. When I was done writing this I started to write The Monkey Box, about 20 pages of it, but I decided to stop and go back and write Part 2 of East Side Dreams. In the screenplay I only wrote from when East Side Dreams starts to the day I was released from Preston with a caption at the end saying I never went back and did well in my life. But now with Part 2 it will continue on just as the book. Who knows if it will ever be a movie, with everyone's help writing an email or a letter to a studio or if you have any connections in Hollywood that will be a tremendous help. In a few days I will send you the screenplay and who to write to.
Enjoy these pictures, just wanted to share them with you.
Art Rodriguez

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